Serbian Chamber of Engineers


The Serbian Chamber of Engineers was established by The Law on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, 47/2003 and 34/2006) with its seat in Belgrade.

All rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Chamber are defined by the Law on Planning and Construction, the Statute of the Chamber and other acts and regulations.

The Chamber is an organization of civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, engineers of other technical professions, architects and spatial planners who have been issued the appropriate licenses in accordance with the above mentioned Law.        


The governing bodies of the Chamber are the Assembly (60 members), Managing Board (12 members), Supervisory Board (3 members) and the President of the Chamber.

The Chamber is organized in six constituent sections: Constituent Section of Architects, Constituent Section of Civil Engineers, Constituent Section of Electrical Engineers, Constituent Section of Mechanical Engineers, Constituent Section of Other Technical Engineers and Constituent Section of Spatial Planers.

In order to achieve its goals and objectives and to protect the common interests of members on regional level, the Chamber has 10 regional centers with 12 regional offices: Regional Center Subotica, Regional Center Novi Sad, Regional Center Beograd, Regional Center Požarevac, Regional Center Valjevo, Regional Center Čačak, Regional Center Kragujevac, Regional Center Kraljevo, Regional Center Bor and Regional Center Niš, with two more regional offices in Novi Pazar (belong to Regional Center Kraljevo) and Vranje (belong to Regional Center Niš).

Mentioned professional offices are providing professional, administrative and support assistance to members and boards of the Chamber, as well as performing other tasks for the Chamber.


In accordance with goals prescribed by mentioned Law and Statute, the Serbian Chamber of Engineers promotes and protects the interests of its members. Also, the Chamber is maintaining ethical norms which members have to comply during preparation of planning documents and project designs, as well as during execution of works. The Chamber opens up opportunities for international cooperations, mutual cooperations and exchange of experiences among members, as well as for cooperations with engineering companies.

One of the most important events last year was a signing of the Agreement of Cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure on September 2019. The goal of the Agreement is the improvement of working conditions for engineers on the fields of planning and construction, constant improvement and introduction with technical and technological solutions implemented in complex capital projects realized under jurisdiction of the Ministry. The Agreement also opens the possibility of exchange experience through common activities in projects of social and economic importance, aimed at the modernization of the society as a whole.

In February 2020 we also signed a contract with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructur. The organization of professional exams, issuing licenses, and maintaining the Registry of Licenced Engineers, Architects, and Spatial Planners and the Registry of Licenced Contractors was entrusted to the Chamber by this contract.

In our future work we will do our best to justify the trust of our members, to support their professional work, as well as to reach some of our common goals, most notable being the advancement of the engineering profession and the realization of national capital projects.

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